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PLAY Kids presents a new main playspace mural bringing inside all the art, culture and beauty that exists around us in our most beautiful hometown of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


We're bursting with joy and pride as we prepare to premiere our latest and greatest playspace upgrade. Thanks to the creative magic and diligent work of local artist Marta Jonik.


Calming colors paired with exciting geometric patterns softly inspired by street art, aerial cityscapes, and the inclusive coming together of Brooklyn’s finest and most diverse community.


A long time in the planning, we knew we needed a refresh, but finding an original piece to fit the PLAY-bill took a bit of planning. (This is a BIG deal! For all the parents and children spending after school, daytime, summers and weekends with us, as well as our beloved teaching and behind the scenes PLAY crew. PLAY Kids is a family friendly institution. We are so grateful to all of YOU and focused on delivering to you the perfect PLAY-day hit!)


Everything became clear when we met Marta. Finally, we're ready to share with all our friends this one-of-a-kind work and artist. 

Mural Artist Marta Jonik


PLAY: Hey there Marta! Welcome to the family! So nice to meet you. It was super important to us to find a local artist to work with in bringing to life a longstanding dream of refreshing the wall art in the playspace. We are so happy we found you! 

Professionally speaking, tell us a bit about your background and style of your work.

Marta: I trained in Poland in the Krakow Academy at the Art Institute, at the Faculty of Painting with a degree in Art and Commercial Advertising Studies.  As a teacher, I instruct students in sculpture and painting.  Add to that - working as a jewelry designer too!

PLAY: Regarding your work, what subjects most inspire you?


Marta: I love to paint,  sketch, and take photos. People, nature, abstract imagery. Angels, flora themes, mandalas, and landscapes also make their way into my pieces. Observing life is the key to my art. People and life forever inspire me. I am at my best when I follow my heart and intuition.

PLAY: Talk about inspiring! When planning the PLAY Kids mural, how did you land on the design and palette?


Marta: Meeting with PLAY team, we discussed street art, inviting colors, and accessible mathematics, soft abstract shapes and impressions. From there I scouted images and impressions throughout Greenpoint, Williamsburg and other Brooklyn boroughs and communities. I am so happy they trusted and chose me to work on this important project.

PLAY: Can you tell us a bit about your working process?


Marta: I start with sketches, in my notebook. I LIVE a piece, thinking of it through each day, allowing it to grow in my heart. Lastly come the colors and final shapes. I move to painting on cardboard. Eventually presenting my project to the team, and Voila! A decision is made and the installation phase begins!

PLAY: Can you say a few words about this local history you are making, being the artistic genius behind a piece that will make such a big impact for so many families?


Marta: Genius is Leonardo Da Vinci. I am just happy to share and show others what an important impact art has on our lives and how happy it can make us all.


PLAY: Do you have any closing words for young, budding artists looking ahead to a creative career?


Marta: Focus on Nature. Trees, animals, and people. Inspiration is everywhere. All around us. Stay connected. Make what you make with love and passion.

Mural Artist Marta Jonik
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