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Creativity Painting Workshop for Adults

Including Drop Off Open Play for Kids

Saturday, May 11th, 10 am - 12 pm

PLAY is not just for kids! Come embrace your creative self at PLAY’s Parent Painting Workshop.

We care about our little students as much as our parents. That’s why we’ve crafted a workshop offering you personal quality time while the kids are chaperoned in our Play Space.

We’re all born creative, curious and hungry to explore the world around and within us. We want to feel balanced, full-filled, authentic and transformed. Everyday life can be so busy and distracting. We end up consumed, running daily errands, taking care of kids, our homes and families. Often, our inner calling–a need for a balanced life, time for meditation and a time for ourselves is postponed for later.

  • What if the time is now? What if later is today?

  • What if your creative self is ready for expression now?

  • Do you want to give some quality time to yourself?

Take a break, spend some time with yourself and let us take care of your kids.

In this workshop, you will be guided through a short meditation to connect to your heart space and your creative inner self. The meditation will ground you in the present moment and enable you to listen to your inner guidance.

After the meditation, you will explore and independently paint what you feel in the current moment. At the end, you’ll discover a message hidden behind what you have painted.

You don’t need to have finished art school or be especially gifted in painting. It may even be your first time picking up a brush! It’s not a competition. It’s about you and your life. Learn to play and open up to your inner voice. This workshop is for everybody!

2-Hour workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation & expressive painting,

  • Chaperoned drop-off open play for kids,

  • All painting materials (canvas and acrylic).

Total cost: $25 (1 adult + 1 child)

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