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2nd Playdate

Saturday, May 11th, 2-4 pm

Let’s get our kids together for Beyblade play & fun! Free to join. For kids aged 4-7 yrs old.

Your kids bring their beyblade launchers & arena to play & fun.


Beyblade games are easy to play and don’t have complicated rules. They also offer educational benefits to its young players.

To win a Beyblade battle, a player simply launches his Bey in the arena and defeat his opponent by knocking down the rival Bey or by simply out-spinning the opponent. 


The game involves and develops focus, concentration and strategy, which are important skills that children can use in performing for example at school and give them a headstart on how to strategize to be successful. Each beyblade comes with its own set of strenghts and weaknesses and knowing what Beyblade to use to defeat an opponent in a particular arena is key to winning battles.

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