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Teacher: Ashley Kate Adams  

Class Overview / Curriculum 

Objective: To encourage confidence and understanding of self-expression through physicality, speech, imagination exploration & character work.


Class Structure:

Each class will start with a warm up followed by schedule for the day. Then we will move onto the days concept with its pairing exercises. We will end each day with a review & an affirmation circle. 


Monthly Focuses with Exercise Examples: 


-Focus Circle with stretching
-Numbers Game
-Zip Zap Zop
-Rhythm repeat


January/February: Physicality & Exploring the Space 
-Welcome Dance
-Led by a String
-Walk like a … 
-Grandma’s Closet 
-Night at the Museum
-Human Knot
-Mirrors with Partners 


March/April: Speech & Storytelling 
-”Director Says”
-Projection Game 
-Imagination Station
-Paint the Box


May/June: Building Character & Characters
-King of the Jungle
-Stage Direction Quiz
-Freeze Scenes 
-Follow the Leader Director Style 

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