School Days


Enriching, educational and personalized remote learning every day! 

For children ages 4-8 years old

The program will be held at Play Kids location 31 Nassau Ave

Drop off your child for a remote learning POD program. What will you get in the program?

  • Personalized help with remote learning 8:30 am - 2 pm

  • Small divided groups kept separate (up to 8-10 children)

  • Big space to allow for safe social distancing

  • Organized group activities (yoga class, art class, homework help, daily trips to the park/playground, weather permitting)

  • For schools: PS17, PS31, PS34, PS110, PS132

  • Transition to after school program as an option

  • Please register for your sessions at least 7 days in advance.


PLEASE NOTE: You can choose either single drop off days or a 10-day monthly package and get an extra 10% off. 

The PLAY community guarantees families a:

  • Safe, inclusive social environment

  • Stellar, experienced teachers and staff

  • Skill building, academic enhancing, social affirming activities

  • Positive atmosphere with a focus on compassion, and positive socializing

PLAY offers enrichment as diverse and unique as our community.


8:30 am:   Drop off at Play location

8:30-10:00 am:   Remote lessons from your school

10:00 am:   Snack Attack! Break & food to fuel active minds

10:15 am:   Remote learning continues

12:00-12:30 pm:   Lunch 

12:30-1:15 pm:   Homework help & play

1:15-2:00 pm:   Organized group activities 

2:00 pm:   Pick up

Please note: Students are required to bring their laptops/tablets*, headphones, snacks & lunch boxes as well as masks or face clothes.

* If you don't have a laptop/tablet for your child, please apply for a free tablet from NYS DOE.


(January 19th, 2021 - June 25th, 2021)

Use coupon code remote10 on registrations for 10 days a month (10% off)
10% sibling discount will be applied at the checkout
Home School

Remote Learning

POD Drop Off 

Winter/Spring Semester Option

Drop off daily / $95 per day

For ages: 4-8 yrs old

This session is for children currently enrolled in a remote learning school program. Personalized help with remote lessons, homework as well as group activities are offered. You may choose single drop off days. 


You may choose an option of 10 sessions per month and build your schedule according to your school's alternating schedule. Register for 10 session monthly package and get 10% off with the coupon code remote10.


              PLEASE NOTE: MUST register 7 days in advance for upcoming week.

School Bus & Children


to After School Program

Winter/Spring Semester Option
Daily add-on / optional

For ages: 4-6 & 7-8 yrs old

Well recognized and popular after school program in your neighborhood! The PLAY community guarantees families a safe, clean, inclusive social environment, stellar, experienced teachers and staff,

great atmosphere with a focus on compassion and positive socializing.

 Programs will be held at two different locations (33 Nassau Ave and 31 Nassau Ave). 

              For remote learning students: 10% off on registrations for after school program.